Sunday, 2 December 2012

Stephan C. Hmar, 18/11/2012

Friend! I know your mind and thought…..

You check your mind and look for changes. And you see tremendous changes but a fraction of your thought still feel your are stitch to one rigid feeling—the feeling of the superlative period of your life. Superlative period? Yep!! You are still bind to those time where everything—sadness or happiness— was raw, bold and original, as innocent as they are; where you are not enslaved by the law of wisdom, norms or rules; where everything was what they are.

Oh my gosh! Your mind change quite spectacularly now, beyond a level you can imagine. It changes the way you greet, talk, like, want, need. Indeed, your mind change almost everything what you were, like a disfigured face whose originality may never be recognize again. Friend, let me proceed… Your fashion has change as much as what you want to hold and give has change. I am telling you, you are contrary to your sweetness or bitterness. What you say and what is inside your mind is contradictory. You go to the place where your mind is not. You smile when you don’t smile but cry when you really smile.

My friend, I know what is in your mind… isn't? I am confirmed. You are now governed by the burden of cares, survivals, money, health, dignity, pride, right, wrong, friendship, enmity…. Oh! Let me take a gasp.

I see more of your mind to know that you feel you are better off than when you started. But your thought tells you are still worse off. You feel you have all the luxuries you can possibly have but you are devoid of something and this often outweighs your luxuries. You drive on your own, have the whole world on the screens inside your four walls, and the first glare of the sun starts with the knock on your door by newspapers. You have no use for people who don’t like you as they don’t have much use for a nut like you. You are in real term with your own world. But still, your thought feels empty. Emptiness is your only clinging friend in this world of multitude. You toil to have more, to save more, to establish or settle firmly. But, my friend…your thought still seeks for those “superlative times” of bygones which may not be repeated again.

Friend, I am also like you….And lets rock n roll with the rules of life even if we are unsatisfied though….

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