Friday, 26 April 2013

Stephan C. Hmar, Agartala, 24-04-2013

Reading history tells that the battle for survival always confronts mankind. There is no escape. And that, to survive in those ancient times, the basic necessities were food, clothing and shelter and were acquired through hunting, rearing and farming.

Hard it may be though, I strongly believe that surviving in those ancient days would have been a lot easier, comparing with our lives now, as ignorance was bliss and survival was just about hunting, rearing or farming. The airs of those days ought to be cleaner because of lesser pollution and scanty population. And, supposedly there ought to be more wild animals for hunting and spaces for farming.

Now, this layman argument on the harder or easier times for survival is not the point. The big point is we need to survive no matter what. Surviving is the obligation and commitment we have for God who created us as one tribe.

We are here now in modern times. Things have changed a lot. Cumulative intelligence and knowledge are selfishly grinded together now. Streams of conscience wisdoms and knowledge originating from billion years of evolution have now assembled into complex web of knowledge and technologies and evolved out a globalize world governed and run by what is called the “know-how”. Things have change. And they are changing very fast.

But, behind these fast-track changes, something is always constant---the obligation to survive. Only the technique of it seems to have changed.  

With changes, perhaps the technique we need to employ to carry out our obligations too changes to a great extent. Look at our present globalize cultures: The basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter to survive seemed just obsolete, old-fashioned and out-of-date. Annoyingly, all these changes that has besieged us seems to shrink these basic needs to just a tip of an ice-berg in this big sea for survival. As of now, survival is not just about sufficiency in these necessities. It is more a question of our durability and stability to survive as a unified tribe.  Look around you and quite unmistakably you will see that the antidote for this durability, stability or vitality of us depends not on our “muscular strength” for hunting and farming any longer. The antidote is “know-how” or rather “our collective know-how” of the loop that runs this globalizes business. Without this know-how, surviving is only as good as a rootless plant, bound to perish.

I would like to mean “know-how” as a brain which can have a dissent, liberal and legitimate views based on facts. More than this, I would like to define it as a brain who can reason and acts with his pure conscience.

Our instinctive phrase “survival of the fittest” perhaps needs to be re-phrased as “survival of the conscientious mind” for fitness now is more of brain-things. We need a conscious brain to suit the wave of changes that gripped our present world.

Will our tribe survive technologies, assimilation or intrusion by others? Now this is our first obligation to answer in order to survive.

Our passion and commitment to survive, but chiefly accompanied by a weak “Know-how” is the source of all deep-rooted ill-feelings and disunity amongst us. Now, will we survive the days and years ahead, with these hatred and disunity? Without any collective efforts, will we survive cultural assimilation or encroachment of our lands and peace by others?

We fight for fame and take power by intimidating our own brothers, much like the saying of Lenin---if you have a gun, you can control 100 men. Power taken, not given is no better than a dew drop, soon to vaporizes. Every trigger pulled for blind thirst for power will derailed us more. On the other side, the sword of authority waved by our leaders from the pulpit and true Gospel are not equated. Our beliefs are preached, not practiced. This has become our trend, our trade-mark. Annoyingly, these trends we have tamed so sophisticatedly well right through our Christian history have a tragic effect of mobilizing us for life after death. This makes us an un-manned tribe---tribe of heavenly origin--- while our real being is panting for survival on earth.

Learning the know-how about our volatile civilization is a difficult process. It demands submission, endurance, discipline and works, days after days with no sort-cut. It has to follow a doctrine of a supreme religion where “spirituality and the flesh” should go hand-in-hand. It has to dictates the reality—the reality of what is now and beyond. Using this yard-stick of religion, where do we stand?

It is quite clear that an easy going society like ours--- who can readily dash out from the difficulties of  the realities and raced for the spiritual side--- will seldom, find space in this kind of religion.  The way of our religion and belief can be just chaff in the winds if we could not equate with the sensible realities. It can be wrongly used as an effective anesthesia to endure the pains of our cheap and lowly lives. But, the bitter truth is this type of anesthetic religion has its deadly side effects.

All these thought would tumbled me back to the question---where are we now in this line for survival? Are we still a wanderer, searching for mere food, clothing and shelter? Or are we insanely surviving, just to perish? Or are we the unfortunate tribe in a wrong place and at a wrong time? What is our strength to show the world that we are a full-fledged surviving tribe? We need to rethink. When I asked all these to myself, I felt our horizon murkier, our nights darker and our days devoid of air. 

Every leader of our churches is confused in disunity and hatred. And, then, we learners are easily corruptible, deceived by easy luxuries.  We are ready to unwisely indulge foolishly into anything, anything at all, if it guaranteed satisfaction even for a single day.

 The ground reality is----we are at a complete loss.

Our society needs to be fuelled up by the urge for “know-how” for our survival. We need to follow a religion of conscience. And my friend, this religion is Christianity. We need something which will elevate us. We need something for this moment which will reflect through eternity. And the answer, my friend, is not in the sky, not in Delhi, or in Mumbai. It is in you. Let us burn the mid-night oil of consciences and let us train ourselves to be brave enough to follow those consciences. In conscience resides God. God is best understood with conscience. If every member of our society have the courage to hold this lantern of conscience, no matter how, we will abruptly ceased to be a wanderer and will construct milestones in no time from now, indeed for our survival. Ideas and beliefs backed by sound conscience is an aroma for God and survival. It will unbelievably show us a clear frontier where and how we should fight. If we still over-indulged or ignore this axiom for our survival, may God bless us to serve others? And our survival is cursed and doomed.

 We will then realize that, of everything in the Bible, we failed the most on the first obligation---the obligation for survival

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